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Without wishing to boast, I am the first and most influential PEO (Private Educational Organization) ever formed in Singapore. I am an educational marvel conceived during World War II and set to open a new era in training. I stand for quality science education. Since my maiden days in 1940, I'm on the way to setting new standards in instruction methodology, whilst still demonstrating the utmost respect for my students and their wishes. I exploit the best of the old and the new. I adopt a holistic approach to education, going beyond books and grades. I'm a Singaporean who will help educate the world. I'm a dream become reality.

I am SIS. "Singapore Institute of Science" ®© is a "boutique" quality school whose vision is to maximize the academic potential of our students. Since we opened our doors in 1940, tens of thousands of our students have gone on to become doctors, engineers, scientists, businessmen and educators. Our teachers are highly trained, experienced and committed to their professions. We adopt the Government of Singapore's M.O.E. syllabus for 'O' and 'A' Level classes. Hence, our courses are suitable for both school candidates as well as private candidates. Many school candidates attend our classes as a form of additional tuition to supplement their school work. Because of the emphasis on practical lessons, our science students display confidence and competence when it comes to the practical aspects of the Singapore-Cambridge GCE Examinations.

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